Agape Initiatives Movement is a growing transformational mission movement dedicated to accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission through multifaceted transformational initiatives.

ADA LogoAgape Discipleship Alliance : ADA is an initiative for evangelism, discipleship, church growth and revitalization movement dedicated to multiplying disciples who will make disciples, growing a disciple-making culture in churches, and accelerating church growth in Myanmar. AGA exists to accelerate evangelism explosion, discipleship development, church growth and revitalization in Myanmar.

AEA_Logo_0Agape Entrepreneurship Association : AEA is a growing transformational entrepreneurship movement dedicated to accelerating inclusive and sustainable development through micro, small and medium enterprises. AEA exists to inspire, equip and develop entrepreneurs, create business opportunities, build entrepreneurship ecosystem, and accelerate micro, small and medium enterprises development in Myanmar.

AMA-Logo-worldAgape Mission Alliance: AMA is an initiative for mission mobilization, church planting and multiplication movement. AMA exists to envision God’s working in and through every disciple of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission, multiply mission mobilization movements and accelerate church planting and multiplication movements in Myanmar.

ADF LogoAgape Development Foundation : ADF is a non-profit Christian charitable organization dedicated to building and accelerating holistic, inclusive and sustainable development in Myanmar. ADF exists to exists to create organizational financial sustainability for multifaceted transformational initiatives and provide holistic approach to inclusive and sustainable development that accelerates transformation.

AYA_LogoAgape Youth Alliance : AYA is an initiative for children and youth development with a mission to promote human dignity, protect the rights of children and advance child and youth development. AYA exists to mobilize communities and ministries and advocate to ensure that all vulnerable children and youth have access to resources, education and supports they need to thrive.

ARO LogoAgape Resources Organization : ARO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making resources accessible for leaders, churches, organizations, local ministries and businesses. ARO exists to mobilize resources, coordinate the multifaceted transformational initiatives and facilitate to increase access to resources.

alu-logo-profileAgape Leadership University : ALU is a private nonprofit Christian institution that operates under the Agape Initiatives Movement in Yangon, Myanmar. ALU exists to inspire, develop and equip transformed, empowered and servant leaders for transformational movements.

Agape Initiatives generate the next generation ministry, youth development, discipleship development, leadership development, mission outreach, evangelism explosion, mission mobilization, church planting, multiplication and growth, missional entrepreneurship, micro and small business development, educational development, Christian charities, holistic development, literature ministry, and resources mobilization.

Agape Initiatives Movement was founded in June 2009 as Agape Mission. It was established as a religious nonprofit organization in January 2016, with its corporate office in Yangon, Myanmar. AIM is a transformational mission movement dedicated to accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our generation. As part of a global movement of God’s mission of transformation, our emphasis is Christ’s Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

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