Our organizational identity and purpose as the change agents of God’s mission of transformation is summarized in our vision, mission, strategy and core values.

Our Vision

Every people group saved and transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

To glorify God by providing gospel access to least-reached, unreached and unengaged people groups, making disciples who will make disciples and multiplying and mobilizing transformational leaders to do the same, planting multiplying churches and building healthy communities, equipping and mobilizing churches and local ministries in cross-culturally relevant transformational mission movements, and through the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our generation.

Our Strategy

Through our multifaceted high-impact transformational initiatives,

  1. We help people from all walks of life find their life’s true purpose, pursue their unique God-given vision and calling, live their life with purpose and mission, and lead their life, family, and ministry.
  2. We inspire, develop and equip transformed, empowered, servant leaders who will make Christlike disciples and multiply and mobilize transformational leaders to do the same.
  3. We provide innovative approaches to church planting, multiplication and growth and sustainable community development that are both thoroughly biblical and fundamentally strategic.
  4. We strengthen churches and mobilize local ministries to accelerate transformational mission movements that brings life change to every people group.
  5. We serve the body of Christ to disciple a nation that will bring God’s transformation to lives, families, communities and nations.

Our Core Values

DNA of Agape Leadership: Live by Faith | Walk in Truth | Lead with Character | Work with Integrity | Serve in Love

Organizational Culture: Authentic Relationship | Strategic Alliance | Collaborative Network | Multiplication Strategy | Biblical Church Ministry | Holistic Approach

Organizational Standards: God-dependence | Bible-based Ministry | Christ-centered Character | Spirit-filled Life | Biblical Leadership | Financial Accountability


Loving God Wholeheartedly.

Loving People Unconditionally.