Vision 2025 is a church growth and revitalization initiative that aims to multiply disciples and strengthen churches through small group ministry throughout the country of Myanmar by 2025.

Churches in Myanmar are in need of revitalization. Church revitalization is an ongoing process of building healthy church. A failure to adhere unfalteringly to biblical principles leads to ignore intentionally to adhere unfalteringly to what Christ intended His church to be.

The Church is God’s strategy to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission that will bring transformation to lives, families, communities, and nations.

Church Growth and Revitalization Network

Through our church growth and revitalization initiative, we connect with churches to provide church-based holistic approach to revitalize traditional local churches and replant biblical local churches. Growing healthy churches is inevitable to transform a nation.

Compelled by the love of Christ, we seize our mission to transform lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ, help believers grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, and mobilize churches for the Mandate of Jesus Christ.

Biblical church growth and revitalization is evangelism and discipleship that results in church multiplication. A multiple growth takes place when we multiply Christlike disciples who will multiply Christlike disciples to do the same.

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