A true Christian life is all about character. Christian leadership is characterized by sacrificial service. A Christian leadership without sacrificial service is not a true Christian leadership. Our divine call to serve identifies with our Christlike leadership practice.

We believe in values-based leadership. We lead with purpose, trust, authenticity, humility, and love through aligning biblical values and principles to our vision, mission, and strategic initiatives. Christlike leaders live by faith, walk in truth, lead with character, act with integrity, and serve in love. These leadership character traits are the DNA of Agape Leadership.

Senior Advisory Board

The Senior Advisory Board provides independent advice and guidance on policy and strategy to the Board of Directors. The Senior Advisory Board is composed of senior leaders who attain to the Biblical Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership and have agreed to make meaningful contribution to the Agape Initiatives Movement.

We are honored to have highly competent, godly leaders serve on our Senior Advisory Board. Their extensive experience and wisdom contribute to Agape Initiatives Movement help accelerate God’s mission of transformation.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the most senior decision-making and governing body of Agape Initiatives Movement. It plays a central role in the governance structure. The Board is made up of gifted individuals with different backgrounds,  professional skills and extensive experience who are leaders with credibility. It consists of five members and they are nominated by the President and CEO and confirmed by the Annual General Meeting.

Strongly gifted, highly committed to maintain the DNA of Agape Leadership and attain to the Biblical Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership and collectively responsible for the governance of organization as a team, the Board of Directors determine organizational culture, strategy, management policy, the election of the Executive Leadership Team, give directions to the President and Chief Executive Officer, and oversee the organization’s operations management.

Board Members

  1. Rev. Peter T. Mang, Chairman
  2. Salai Vum Za Piang
  3. Dr. David Vum Za Lian
  4. Joshua Tha Cung Lian
  5. Hlawn Hniang

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is made up of gifted individuals with different backgrounds, proven professional experience, leadership competencies who have extensive ministry experience and are leaders with credibility. The Executive Leadership Team is  elected by the Board of Directors and confirmed by the Annual General Meeting.

Strongly gifted, highly committed to maintain the DNA of Agape Leadership and attain to the Biblical Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership, the Executive Leadership Team members are independently and collaboratively responsible for the organizational leadership, administration and management. These Executive Leadership Team members report directly to the President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Executive Leadership Team consists of:

  1. President and Chief Executive Officer,
  2. Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer,
  3. Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer,
  4. Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer,
  5. President of Agape Discipleship Alliance,
  6. President of Agape Entrepreneurship Association,
  7. President of Agape Mission Alliance,
  8. President of Agape Development Foundation,
  9. President of Agape Youth Alliance,
  10. President of Agape Resources Organization,
  11. President of Agape Leadership University,
  12. Executive Director of Human Resources Management and Development,
  13. Executive Director of Strategy Implementation and Resources Mobilization,
  14. Executive Director of Information Technology and Public Relations,
  15. Executive Director of Financial Planning and Analysis,
  16. Executive Director of Global Fund Development,
  17. Executive Director of Evangelism and Discipleship Training,
  18. Executive Director of Church Growth and Revitalization Network,
  19. Executive Director of Missions and Church Planting Training,
  20. Executive Director of Church Planting and Multiplication Network,
  21. Executive Director of Micro and Small Business Development Training
  22. Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Development Network,
  23. Executive Director of Livelihoods Improvement and Family Empowerment (LIFE),
  24. Executive Director of Children and Youth Development Network
  25. Executive Director of Initiative for Child and Adolescent Research and Education (iCARE),
  26. Editorial Director of Agape Lifeway Publications
  27. Executive Director of Translation, Publishing and Distribution,
  28. Executive Director of Leadership Empowerment and Development Training,
  29. Executive Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development,
  30. Executive Director of Graduate Schools

As the catalysts for transformational development movement, we commit ourselves to live in obedience to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).