Leadership Empowerment and Development (LEAD) training program is offered by Agape Leadership University Institute of Leadership Empowerment and Development (iLEAD). iLEAD is dedicated to developing a new generation of transformational leaders to be the catalysts for transformational development movement that accelerates the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

iLEAD offers Advanced Diploma in Leadership Development, which is a non-accredited course offered by Agape Leadership University and designed for Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD), especially for ministry leaders who seek to increase their values, character, knowledge, and competencies and lead like Jesus.

Course Description

iLEAD’s Advanced Diploma in Leadership Development program is meant to inspire, equip and empower transformational servant leaders to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop ability to impact and influence others, and effectively engage in intentional evangelism, disciple making movement, church planting and multiplication, and sustainable leadership development.

Modular System

The Advanced Diploma in Leadership Development is based on a modular system. Agape Leadership University Institute of Leadership Empowerment and Development (iLEAD) offers the opportunity to complete Advanced Diploma in Leadership Development and become an effective leader in as little as one year.


Module 1

  1. The Leader and Intimacy with God
  2. The Heart of Christian Leadership
  3. The Leader and Family Priority
  4. Bible Study Skills for Leaders

Module 2

  1. The Leader and Brokenness
  2. The Leader and Forgiveness
  3. The Leader and Attitude
  4. Authentic Leadership Model

Module 3

  1. The Foundations of Leadership
  2. The Basics of Christian Leadership
  3. Leadership and Ministry
  4. Values-Based Leadership

Module 4

  1. Personal Development: Identifying Spiritual Gifts, Natural Talents and Acquired Skills
  2. Personal Development: Developing Spiritual Gifts, Natural Talents and Acquired Skills
  3. The Leader and Vocation
  4. Career Development Planning

Module 5

  1. The Leader and Vision: Vision & Mission Workshop
  2. The Leader and Goals: Goal Setting Workshop
  3. Leadership Communication
  4. The Leader’s Pitfalls

Module 6

  1. Biblical Financial Stewardship: Raising Resources
  2. Priority Management: Stewarding Time and Resources
  3. Relational Leadership: People Skills
  4. The Leader and Equipping Leaders

Module 7

  1. Leadership Multiplication: Discipleship, Coaching, Mentoring
  2. Leadership Recruitment Strategy: Choosing Leaders
  3. Leading Teams: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  4. Effective Small Group Leadership

Module 8

  1. The Leader and Problem Solving
  2. The Leader and Personal Health
  3. Leadership and the Great Commission
  4. Effective Witness in Leadership: Understanding the Leader’s Role, Responsibilities and Style

Elective Modules

  1. Disciple Making Movement
  2. Church Planting and Multiplication
  3. Mission Mobilization Movement
  4. Business as Mission Movement
  5. Children and Youth Development
  6. Micro and Small Business Development

Selection of Participants

  1. SED Participants (from 2016 Batch, 2017 Batch, 2018 Batch)
  2. MSBD Participants (from 2017 Batch, 2018 Batch)
  3. Disciple makers and church planters
  4. Small group ministry leaders
  5. Church pastors and ministry leaders 
  6. Leaders of the clusters of churches
  7. BAM entrepreneurs

Requirements for participants to complete the LEAD training program

  1. Course Completion: Successful completion of all curriculums and assignments
  2. Attendance and Punctuality: Consistent attendance is a requirement and   participants are expected to be punctual and reliable
  3. Participant Performance: Interpersonal Skills, Initiative, Teamwork, Dependability

4 Elements of Transformative Learning

A. Spiritual (prayer, worship, memory verses, etc.)

Fasting and prayer, devotion and time alone with God, Bible reading plan, essential Bible verses to memorize

B. Relational (group discussions, group assignments, mentoring relationships, life groups, coaching, etc.)

Group discussion on each lesson, building a teamwork culture, creating healthy relationships from life groups to ministry partners, follow up leadership coaching

C. Experiential (use of LEAD assignments, giving participants leadership assignments, etc.)

Individual assignments, applying the lessons in their leadership, sharing transformational experiences and its impact, assessments

D. Instructional (teaching lessons, assigning books for reading, etc.)

Learning-centered teaching, Empowered learning, critical thinking, how brain works, hands-on instructional strategy, reading assignments and reflection notes

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