In earlier 2007, God has implanted in Rev. Peter T. Mang the vision for LOVE NEVER FAILS, a God-given vision to initiate agape love movement that will bring God’s redemptive love, transforming grace and living hope to every people group.

Peter began his career from a humble beginning in March 2007. God blessed him and prospered his business in a great way. It was operated for 2 years and closed in June 2009, since God worked to move him in a new direction to fulfill the specific purpose God has for his life. He then transitioned to initiate a transformational mission movement dedicated to accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

A broken heart and contrite spirit, having a changed heart and mind, living the transformed life and following God’s call, brought about Peter’s unique God-given vision to initiate agape love movement that accelerates transformational mission movement. In pursuit of a greater vision from God, LOVE NEVER FAILS™ the key element of Agape Initiatives Movement (formerly Agape Mission) organizational identity was formed on June 28, 2009. It was followed by 40 Days of Prayer and Half-day Fasting, then we founded our first Agape Initiative for Missions (Agape Mission Alliance) in September 2009.

Through a right discern of God’s leadership, Agape Initiatives Movement was founded on June 28, 2009 as Agape Mission from humble beginnings. It was established as a religious nonprofit organization in January 2016, with its corporate office in Yangon, Myanmar.

Living faithfully and intentionally to our unique God-given vision, calling and values, God grows Agape Initiatives and He brought forth Agape Mission Alliance in 2009, Agape Discipleship Alliance in 2013, Agape Entrepreneurship Association in 2015, Agape Development Foundation and Agape Resources Organization in 2016, and  Agape Leadership University and Agape Youth Alliance in 2017. These seven multifaceted transformational initiatives are banded together as Agape Initiatives Movement.

Agape Initiatives Movement is a growing transformational mission movement committed to accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission through multifaceted transformational initiatives.