2020 Intake for Advanced Diploma in Evangelism and Discipleship is NOW OPEN!

Evangelism and Discipleship Training program is designed to provide intensive evangelism explosion and discipleship development training and gospel outreach internship experience provided by Agape Discipleship Alliance.

Evangelism and Discipleship Training will equip you for in-depth Bible study to experience personal spiritual growth deeply rooted in God’s Word and for the ministry of spiritual formation in the church, cross-cultural evangelism and mission, disciple-making movements, church growth movements and for building healthy and vibrant community in small groups.

Agape Leadership University School of Evangelism and Discipleship offers the opportunity to complete Advanced Diploma in Evangelism and Discipleship and become an effective disciple-making leader in nine months via 3 months of residential training and 6 months of gospel outreach internship.

Specially provided for church planters, Evangelism and Discipleship Training exists to develop, equip and mobilize disciple-making leaders who will make Christlike disciples and multiply other disciple-making leaders to do the same.

Residential Training

What You Will Study

  • Basic Systematic Theology
  • Basic Principles of Hermeneutics
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Practical Evangelism
  • Discipleship Development
  • Small Group Leadership
  • Biblical Church Growth
  • Biblical Stewardship
  • Church Leadership


  • Reading Selected Books
  • Evangelism Practicum
  • Small Group Discipleship

Gospel Outreach Internship

  • Gospel Outreach Team (GO Team)
  • Field Internship
  • Small Groups Ministry
  • Hands-on Training and Assessments
  • Evangelism and Discipleship Seminars

SED Faculty

You will learn from experienced church planters, leading faculty and practitioners in theology, Bible study, evangelism, discipleship, church growth and leadership. SED Faculty are thought leaders in the field of evangelism and discipleship.

4 Elements of Transformative Learning

A. Spiritual (prayer, worship, memory verses, etc.)

Personal reflection and prayer, devotion and time alone with God, Bible reading plan, essential Bible verses to memorize

B. Relational (group discussions, group assignments, mentoring relationships, life groups, coaching, etc.)

Group discussion on each lesson, building a teamwork culture, creating healthy relationships from life groups to ministry partners, follow up spiritual mentorship and leadership coaching

C. Experiential (assignments, giving participant assignments and leadership assignments, internship experience, etc.)

Individual assignments, experience personal spiritual growth, applying the lessons in their leadership, sharing transformational experiences and its impact, field internship, assessments and feedback

D. Instructional (teaching lessons, assigning books for reading, etc.)

Learning-centered teaching, Empowered learning, critical thinking, how brain works, hands-on instructional strategy, reading assignments and reflection notes


  • Partial or Full Scholarship Available
  • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
  • Access to Ministry Support Relations


  • Orientation Day: October 1, 2020 (Thursday)
  • Residential Training: October – December, 2020.
  • Internship: January 2021 – June 2021.
  • Graduation Day: June 27, 2021

Training Location

2A-541, Insein Muditar Housing
Phanchat Street, Insein, Yangon 11011

Call: 09773935953 (Office) 
Email: contact@agapeinitiatives.org

NB: Training location might be subject to change. A number of participants is limited to 15. Evangelism and Discipleship Training is open to every believer who wants to prepare oneself for the disciple making movement and all participants from SED 2016, SED 2017, SED 2018 to receive Advanced Diploma in Evangelism and Discipleship, awarded by Agape Leadership University School of Evangelism and Discipleship.

To learn more about Agape Discipleship Alliance please visit our website at www.AgapeInitiatives.org/ADA