What do we mean by Biblical Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership?

“Above Reproach” – He Is a Man of Unquestionable Character

“The Husband of One Wife” – He Is Sexually Pure

“Temperate” – He Is Not Given to Excess

“Prudent” – He Is Self-Disciplined

“Respectable” – He Is Well Organized

“Hospitable” – He Loves Strangers

“Able to Teach” – He Is Skilled in Teaching

“No Addicted to Wine” – He Is Not a Drinker

“Not … Pugnacious” – He Is Not a Fighter

“Gentle” – He Easily Pardons Human Failure

“Peaceable” – He Is Not Quarrelsome

“Free From the Love of Money” – He Is Not Covetous

“One Who Manages His Own Household Well” – He Maintains a Godly Family

“Not a New Convert” – He Is a Mature Christian

“A Good Reputation with Those Outside the Church” – He Is Well Respected by Non-Christians

1 Timothy 3:1-7

Courtesy: Dr. John MacArthur