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Agape Discipleship Alliance is an initiative for evangelism, discipleship, church growth and church revitalization dedicated to multiplying disciples who will make disciples, growing a disciple-making culture in churches, and accelerating church growth in Myanmar.

Founded in September 2013, Agape Discipleship Alliance is a cluster of disciple-making churches committed to accelerating evangelistic movement, disciple making movement, and revitalizing and replanting churches to grow and multiply vibrant and healthy communities. 

Agape Discipleship Alliance is an initiative of Agape Initiatives Movement that exists to accelerate evangelistic movement, disciple making movement, church growth and revitalization, and access to discipleship mission training and ministry support relations for churches.

What We Do

Evangelism and Discipleship Training

The Evangelism and Discipleship Training is designed to provide intensive evangelism training, disciple making movement training, and gospel outreach internship experience.

Agape Leadership University‘s School of Evangelism and Discipleship offers the opportunity to complete Advanced Diploma in Evangelism and Discipleship and become an effective evangelist and disciple-making leader in nine months via 3 months of residential training and 6 months of gospel outreach internship.

Specially provided for evangelists and church planters, Evangelism and Discipleship Training exists to develop, equip and mobilize disciple-making leaders who will make Christlike disciples and multiply other disciple-making leaders who will do the same.

GO-Team Mission Outreach

We are called to “go and make disciples of all nations”. More than 50 million people of Myanmar are still waiting for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over two billion people around the world have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Outreach Team (GO-Team) is a small group of leaders who are evangelism and discipleship oriented and small group savvy who will go beyond immediate influence of existing churches and reach out unreached neighborhoods and the least reached and unengaged ethnic groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Provided through local churches, we walk alongside new believers to help them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them to reach out with the Gospel message.

Our short-term mission outreach internship provides a platform of evangelistic outreach to lead unbelievers to assurance of salvation and start new small groups or new fellowships of believers in their homes, neighborhoods, villages or communities.

Church Growth and Revitalization Network

Through our church growth and revitalization initiative, we connect with churches to provide church-based holistic approach to revitalize traditional local churches and replant biblical local churches. Growing healthy churches is inevitable to transform a nation.

Compelled by the love of Christ, we live our mission to transform lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ, help believers grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, and mobilize disciple-making leaders for the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Biblical church growth and revitalization is evangelism and discipleship that results in church multiplication. A multiple growth takes place when we multiply Christlike disciples who will multiply Christlike disciples to do the same.

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