Vision 2025

Our Vision 2025 is a Transformational Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development Initiative that aims to build a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem that drives micro, small and medium enterprises development and accelerates transformational entrepreneurship movement in Myanmar by 2025.

We do that through entrepreneurship development, business development, business growth acceleration, and support network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, bivocational ministers, investors, practitioners, and coaches. Our purpose is to catalyze transformational entrepreneurship ecosystems in communities of the states and regions of Myanmar to equip and multiply entrepreneurs, help them start and grow business for transformation, create job opportunities, bring solutions to socio-economic crisis, empower culture transformation, and make a positive impact on society.  

Why Transformational Entrepreneurship?

The transformational entrepreneurship has to do with doing business for transformation. When leveraging transformational entrepreneurship you are engaging the marketplace as a platform for transformational change. You are not only generating stable incomes to support yourself, family and ministry , but also living your calling and impacting lives, families, communities and even a nation through positive influence.

Business for Transformation practitioners are transformational entrepreneurs. Ethical transformational entrepreneurs don’t go into business for money. They are on a mission to transform lives, communities, and nations, using their unique giftedness and business skills to bring solutions to socio-economic issues, make a difference in the lives of people, and create a positive impact on society.

 A faith-based entrepreneurship ecosystem creates opportunities for bringing God’s redemptive love, transforming grace, and living hope in the marketplace, especially in hard areas. It’s the philosophy of being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and witness for Him in and through the business.