AYA_LogoAgape Youth Alliance is a nonprofit organization with a mission to transform access to child and youth advocacy, education and development. Founded in October 2017, Agape Youth Alliance is established for the purpose of accelerating the next generation leadership development and promoting holistic development of children, adolescents and youth in Myanmar.

Agape Youth Alliance is an initiative of Agape Initiatives Movement that exists to help next generation find their God-given identity in Christ, pursue their unique God-given vision and calling, and live their life with purpose and mission. We envision the next generation transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We work alongside families, pre-schools, children homes, youth development centers, youth rehabilitation centers and community agencies to bring God’s redemptive love, transformational grace and living hope to the next generation in Myanmar.

What We Do

Next Generation Leadership Development

The Next Generation Leadership Development is a network of leaders of children’s ministry, youth ministry and family ministry. Through our Next Generation Leadership Development program, we provide early childhood care and development training, youth development programs, next generation leadership development, youth outreach, youth leadership, and youth impact.

We build intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and faith foundations for the next generation. Our children’s ministry and youth ministry programs focused on providing evangelism, discipleship and leadership development. Offered through local churches, we reach the next generations where they are at and walk alongside them in their faith journey.

Children and Youth Development Network

Children and Youth Development Network is a network of pre-schools, orphanages, children’s homes, youth development centers committed to the holistic development of disadvantage children and youth in Myanmar. The project is funded by Agape Charity Fund.

How We Work: We provide community-based children and youth development programs and work alongside pre-schools, orphanages, children’s homes, and youth development centers to support them in any way we can: Bible camps, evangelism, discipleship, education support, medical support, vocational training, socio-educational and psychosocial support, and leadership training for leaders.

Your partnership makes a lasting difference in the lives of children and youth and in their families and communities.

iCARE – Initiative for Child and Adolescent Research and Education 

Agape Leadership University‘s Institute for Child and Adolescent Research and Education provides children and youth development research and caregiver education for parents, caregivers, Children’s ministry leaders and youth leaders. 

How We Work: To promote and protect rights and responsibilities of children and adolescents and to educate parents and caregivers in child and adolescent development, we seek to make a meaningful contribution towards child and adolescent development research and caregiver education.

Who We Work With: We work with non-governmental organizations, local community agencies, child and youth development centers, families and caregiver agencies.


Rehab Centers

Agape Center for Rehabilitation is a drug rehab project to start in Kachin State. We want to become a leading drug rehab center for addictions.

It’s a heartbreaking cause of drugs abuse that drug use and addiction rated more than 70% of the young generation in Kachin State, Myanmar.

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