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Agape Resources Organization is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making resources accessible for leaders, churches, organizations, local ministries and businesses.

Founded in January 2016, Agape Resources Organization seeks to provide resources, such as learning resources, training workshops, small group meetings, training materials, management tools, strategies and policies and resources related to evangelism, discipleship, church planting, church administration, nonprofit management, financial management, human resources management, child and youth development, entrepreneurship development, leadership development, personal and professional development opportunities and sustainable fundraising programs.

Agape Resources Organization is an initiative of Agape Initiatives Movement that exists to mobilize resources, coordinate the multifaceted transformational initiatives and facilitate to increase access to resources in Myanmar.

What We Do

Agape Lifeway

Agape Lifeway is a Bible-based, Christ-centered  and Spirit-filled newsletter published quarterly by Agape Resources Organization. And we write articles on evangelism, discipleship, mission, church planting, multiplication and growth, missional entrepreneurship, business development, leadership, church ministry, Christian life, Bible study notes and gospel resources.

Agape Library

Agape Library is a free library with thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. We seek to create an e-library that focus on providing leaders with spiritual, educational, vocational, personal and professional development opportunities.

Agape Resource Network

It connects resources within cluster of churches and organizations to meet the growing needs of multifaceted transformational initiatives.

Agape Literature

Agape Literature is dedicated to maximize the impact of God’s Word on every ethnic group through translation, publishing and distribution of the biblically sound books, gospel resources and Christ-centered materials. Our vision to see a significant impact of God’s Word on every ethnic group through biblical literature.

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