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Agape Development Foundation is a non-profit Christian charitable organization dedicated to empowering holistic transformation and accelerating sustainable development in Myanmar.

Agape Development Foundation is a fundraiser for Agape Initiatives Movement and the multifaceted transformational development initiatives. These include Agape Discipleship Alliance, Agape Mission Alliance, Agape Entrepreneurship Association, Agape Youth Alliance, Agape Resources Organization, and Agape Leadership University.

Founded in January 2016, Agape Development Foundation is an initiative of the Agape Initiatives Movement that exists to create financial sustainability for the multifaceted transformational initiatives and provide a holistic approach to inclusive and sustainable development that accelerates transformational movements.

Compelled by the love of Christ, we endeavor to positively impact as many lives as possible. While the initiative focuses on a needs-based approach to community development, we also provide creative approaches to asset-based community development and innovative solutions that facilitate church-based holistic community development that is both thoroughly biblical and fundamentally strategic.

What We Do

Education Development Fund

Through our Educational Transformation and Development Initiative, we provide credential education services in Myanmar. Our purpose is to transform access to higher education, graduate education, continuing education, professional education, vocational education, and technical training.

Incentive Funds

The Incentive Funds provide funding for the multifaceted transformational initiatives and opportunities for gospel-centered ministry within both the local and global missions of the Agape Initiatives Movement. It is funded by Agape Development Foundation.

  • Training and Development Fund: Training Fund provides support to the intensive training programs and assists staffs and volunteers in continuing education with the cost of education-related and professional development training. 
  • Gospel Fund: The Gospel Fund provides support to the organization sponsored evangelistic gatherings, mission outreach, evangelism explosion, discipleship development, Bible camps and conferences.
  • Mission Fund: The Mission Fund provides funding, grants and support for church planting and multiplication movements. Agape Development Foundation seeks to financially partner with church planters to help plant churches among the unreached neighborhoods and the least-reached and unengaged people groups in Myanmar.
  • Entrepreneurship Fund: Entrepreneurship Fund provides micro grants for church planters and angel investments and venture capitals for missional entrepreneurs.

Agape Charity Fund

Agape Development Foundation takes a holistic approach to alleviate poverty and hunger in Myanmar through the Livelihoods Improvement and Family Empowerment Initiative. The foundation also provides disadvantaged children and youth development through our Children and Youth Development Initiative. Our mission is to meet holistic needs, bring transforming love and living hope, and create transformational change in people’s life. 

A donation for Agape Charity Fund means less privileged people in impoverished communities find a way to break the cycle of generational poverty and create generational wealth in the family.

  • LIFE Transformation Solutions

LIFE Transformation Solutions is an initiative for Livelihoods Improvement and Family Empowerment™. Started at home and healthy family as a priority goal, our innovative LIFE Transformation Solutions offers family advocacy and support services, family development services, career development consulting, livelihoods improvement for youth and women, and professional counseling services for kids, teens, youths, couples and family, and personal and professional development for survivors of abuse and human trafficking.

We partner with churches and local ministries to provide a church-based holistic community development mission. As such, we are taking the initiative to connect with the body of Christ and grow vibrant and healthy churches to help families thrive and bring God’s transformation to lives, families, and communities.

We’re dedicated to building strong families that lead to strong communities and a strong nation and building inclusive and sustainable development through a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem development in Myanmar.

  • Children and Youth Development Initiative

How We Work: We provide community-based children and youth development programs and work alongside pre-schools, orphanages, children’s homes, and youth development centers to support them in any way we can: Bible camps, evangelism, discipleship, education support, medical support, vocational training, socio-educational and psychosocial support, and leadership training for leaders.

  • iCARE – Initiative for Child and Adolescent Research and Education

How We Work: To promote and protect the rights and responsibilities of children and adolescents and to educate parents and caregivers in child and adolescent development, we seek to make a meaningful contribution towards child and adolescent development research and caregiver education.

Who We Work With: We work with non-governmental organizations, local community agencies, child and youth development centers, families, and caregiver agencies.

Agape Crisis Response Fund

Every crisis is an opportunity for transformation and growth. Through our Agape Crisis Response Fund, we offer a creative approach to build agape love movement that will bring life changes to families and communities.

Agape Initiatives Movement is responding to the crises by supporting church planters, children’s homes, and hungry families from our mission networks across the country.

Our church planters are strategically positioned to effectively share the message of God’s redemptive love, transforming grace and living hope to the least reached, unreached and unengaged people groups.

Your partnership makes a lasting difference in the lives of children and youth and in their families and communities.

Your financial partnership and support make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of the people we serve.